Rutgers Student Has Disorderly Conduct Downgraded to Ordinance

Rutgers Student has Disorderly Conduct Downgraded to Ordinance

Our disorderly conduct lawyers recently defended a client who had been charged under 2C:33-2a disorderly conduct for getting into a fight and altercation on the street on the way home from a night out at the bar. Our client was adamant that he did not start the fight and was in fact attacked from behind and simply trying to defend himself against his attacker. However, after we reviewed the police report it became clear that the police felt there was strong evidence against him since they reported witnessing the fight and that they interviewed several witnesses who testified that our client was the aggressor who started the fight.

Based on the strong proofs of evidence, the prosecutor felt confident about pursuing the case and that our client would be convicted of the crime if we had a trial. However, our client was a college student who would soon be graduating and applying to jobs and could not have a criminal conviction on his record. So we took a hard stance and challenged the police report based on our client’s testimony as well as the testimony of other witnesses at the scene. Based on these issues we were able to convince the prosecutor and judge to downgrade the criminal charge of disorderly conduct to a city ordinance which did not result in a criminal conviction and was only punishable by a fine. To learn more about how a New Brunswick Disorderly Conduct Attorney may be able to help you or a family member like the example above, contact our office today for a free consultation.

State v. L.G. decided May 23, 2017

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