Jackson Man Charged with Robbery, Assault for Alleged Car Dragging Incident

Jackson, NJ man was recently arrested for robberyassault, and several other criminal offenses after allegedly stealing a woman’s pursue and dragging her alongside his car while he attempted to drive away.

According to officials from the Jackson Township Police Department, 30-year-old Nicholas Bonaccorso stole a female victim’s wristlet purse at a local gas station over the weekend. The victim was reportedly purchasing lottery tickets at the Sunoco located on North Countyline Road in Jackson Township early Saturday morning when the incident occurred.

Bonaccorso, a Jackson resident, is said to have struggled with the woman as she tried to hold on to her purse. He is accusing of striking her multiple times before trying to flee the scene in his vehicle. In an attempt to retrieve her purse, the victim jumped into the passenger seat, at which time Bonaccorso allegedly put the car in reverse. Police say he beat her in the face and then attempted to push her out of the vehicle, driving forward and dragging her through the parking lot before she ultimately fell out.

After receiving a partial plate number from a witness and viewing surveillance footage from the gas station, investigators identified Bonaccorso as the primary suspect. He was arrested the following night at a hotel in Lakewood and is now facing charges for robbery, assault, assault by auto, and theft. He was then being held in Ocean County Jail in Toms River.

Notice that the defendant in this case was charged with both robbery and theft, which raises the question: what’s the difference? Under New Jersey law, theft generally refers to the unlawful taking of another’s property. The subject a theft can range from cash to cars, as well as store merchandise, public utilities, and even someone’s identity. Robbery is yet another type of theft crime that is markedly violent in nature.

According to the robbery statute, N.J.S.A. 2C:15-1, robbery occurs if a person inflicts bodily injury or uses force; threatens another person; commits or threatens to commit any first or second degree crime in the course of committing a theft. In other words, if a person assaults someone while attempting to commit a theft, this becomes a robbery.

In this case, the assault charge coincides with the robbery charge. Because the defendant is accused of assaulting the victim while attempting to steal her purse and creating a risk for bodily injury, he is facing far more serious penalties. The assault by auto charge also comes into play because the woman was injured while Bonaccorso was operating a motor vehicle recklessly. If he is convicted of these indictable crimes, he could be sentenced to more than a decade in NJ State Prison.

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