Oxycodone Arrest in Bayonne NJ

Bayonne Police arrested a Jersey City man on Thursday for drug distribution charges after they found him in Possession of Oxycontin pills. The arrest resulted from an investigation that was being conducted by Bayonne police around 9:00 p.m. in the area of 32nd Street and Broadway. The investigation led the police to check the defendant who was stopped while walking on the street.

While speaking to police, the defendant admitted that he had oxycontin pills on him, according to the police report. A subsequent search of the defendant’s person, led to the discovery and confiscation of three oxycontin pills in his pants pocket. Based on the defendant’s statements and their investigation, the police had probable cause to believe he had an intent to sell those pills. was charged with Illegal Possession of Prescription DrugsPossession with Intent to Distribute Drugs, and Distribution of Drugs Within 1,000 Feet of a School.

Normally if you are charged with a crime in Bayonne, New Jersey you will be ordered to appear in Bayonne Municipal Court. However, in this case the defendant was charged with indictable felony offenses for intent to distribute the drugs and possession with intent to distribution within a school zone. Therefore, he will have to appear in Hudson County Superior Court in CJP to address these crimes. The drugs in a school zone charge is especially serious because it is a third degree crime punishable by 3 -5 years and it carries mandatory incarceration. Whenever you are facing serious charges such as these it is important that you speak with an experienced Hudson County Criminal Lawyer about your rights and options.

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