Simple Assault in Hoboken NJ

In the early hours of Friday morning, the Hoboken Police got a report of Simple Assault from a Hoboken man who walked into the police station shortly after being assaulted by another resident. According to the police report, the man reported being assaulted in an apartment building on Washington Street near 11th Street at 12:10 a.m.

The victim claims that he was walking a woman up to her fifth-floor apartment when an apparently intoxicated man followed them into the building. The man became nervous of the suspicious behavior and confronted the drunken man and asked if he lived there and belonged in the building. The assailant, who apparently owns a condo on the second floor of the building, became enraged at the accusations and shouted at the woman “You are a renter and I own my unit.”

When the group finally reached the second floor, the argument quickly spiraled out of control between the two men and the victim claimed that the drunken man then “came at” him and they fell to the ground wrestling. The two men were eventually separated, but not before the condo owner punched the victim in the left side of the nose and left eye, according to the reports. After the fight ended, the victim said the assailant’s wife came out of the second floor apartment, took her husband in and apologized, reports said.

Simple Assault charges are one of the common crimes in New Jersey and are often related to Domestic Violence incidents and arguments from spurred on by alcohol. They are especially common in Hoboken from drunken patrons leaving the bars and getting into fights. Simple assault is a disorderly persons offense so you will be required to appear in Hoboken Municipal Court. If the victim suffers serious injuries these charges can quickly be upgraded to Aggravated Assault which is an indictable offense which will be heard in the Hudson County Superior Court in nearby Jersey City. If you or a loved one has been charged with assault in New Jersey it is important that you speak with an attorney about the penalties and your options.

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