Why You May Lose Your License for an NJ Criminal or Traffic Offense

license suspension

Many people are aware that a driver can lose their New Jersey privileges if they commit too many traffic offenses. Yet fewer people know that a number of other charges can also result in a license suspension, including drunk driving, certain drug crimespossession of drugs in a motor vehicle, and even violating the terms of your probation. The following article highlights some of the various criminal and DUI offenses that can cause you to lose your license in New Jersey. If you have been arrested or issued a ticket and are worried about losing your license, contact our firm at (201) 793-8018 to speak with a skilled criminal defense lawyer about your case free of charge.

Getting Too Many Traffic Tickets or Points on Your License in New Jersey

Accumulating too many points on your driving record is one of the most commonly known ways to lose your driving privileges. Your license can be suspended by New Jersey’s Motor Vehicle Commission if you accumulate twelve or more points on your record within a certain period of time. Different violations carry different numbers of points. Speeding can carry up to five points, and reckless driving can also add five points to your license. Careless driving, a lesser offense, can result in two points. Failure to stay in traffic lanes, to follow traffic signs, or to observe traffic signals can all result in the addition of two points. That said, if you can make it through a year without racking up any additional points, three points will be deducted from your driver’s license.

Suspended License After Being Convicted for an NJ DUI Charge

It may not surprise you that—in addition to losing your license due to traffic tickets—you can also lose your license for driving drunk. A first time DUI that involves a blood alcohol concentration of .08 to .10 can result in a three-month driver’s license suspension. DUIs that involve a higher BAC can result in suspension for up to a year. A second time DUI can result in suspension up to two years. A third offense within ten years can result in an even longer suspension, in addition to the heavy fines and jail time that can be imposed.

You can also lose your license if you refuse to submit to a chemical test to determine whether you are impaired by drugs or alcohol when lawfully requested by a police officer. A breathalyzer test is one such chemical test. A first-time refusal can result in suspension for seven months to one year. A second time refusal can result in a two-year suspension. A third refusal can carry significantly more suspension time.

New Jersey Drug Charges That Carry License Suspension

You can also lose your license if you are convicted of certain drug offenses in New Jersey. Under NJRS 2C:35-16, convictions for certain drug crimes can result in a suspension of six months to two years. This penalty exists because the legislature has decided that someone who commits drug offenses is more likely to drive under the influence of drugs and therefore endanger other drivers on the road.

Worried About Losing Your License After Charges in Hudson County?

Licensing laws are periodically updated, and there are additional ways for you to lose your driving privileges. You can also potentially lose your license for certain violations of probation, certain acts of fraud, failing to pay certain judgments, and even for medical reasons. What you need to do when arrested or issued a ticket, is consult with an experienced New Jersey criminal defense lawyer who can advise you regarding how to clear your license suspension or respond to charges that may result in license suspension. Our criminal attorneys regularly represent clients dealing with potential license suspension in Hudson County and surrounding areas, including Jersey City, Hoboken, Union City, Kearny, Bayonne, and Guttenberg. For a free consultation about your case, call us today at (201) 793-8018.

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